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AAC Block Making Plant

AAC Block Making Plant

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We are an eminent manufacturer of AAC Block Making Plant.
Environment Protection : AAC product produced by this plant is capable of reducing around 30% environmental waste, more than 50% greenhouse radiation level and over 60% integrated energy on brick surface. Moreover, it helps in recycling of harmful fly ash generated by thermal plants sans burning.
Fire Resistant : Apart from its inorganic composition, the AAC product is non flammable and is suitable for fire rated work utilization purpose.
Energy Saving : The unique insulation properties of AAC helps to maintain suitable interior ambiance without using any additional insulation.
Excellent Acoustic Performance: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is used as an essential part of AAC wall panel to make building sound proof.
Ventilation : Featured with good air permeability level, AAC has good water dispersion rate which in turn helps to lower humidity of building. AAC fabricated wall is capable of absorbing additional moisture of building to keep mildew and condensation at bay.
Non toxic : AAC product is completely free from toxic element.
Light weight : The weight of AAC blocks are one fifth of concrete blocks.
Rapid on-site assembly: The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is light in weight and is convenient to install.
Long Life: AAC product can withstand severe climactic condition.
Accuracy : The advanced manufacturing technique of AAC panel and block ensures their accurate dimension. As its result, on-site trimming is reduced.
  • Although light in weight, yet the AAC item is notable for its large size
  • Its light weight nature helps to save foundation charge
  • Capable of withstanding extreme load
  • Its long lasting nature ensures its durability
  • Accurate dimension
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Easy handling quickens construction work
  • It provides 6-10 times higher thermal insulation than ordinary concrete item
  • Being fire retardant by nature, the AAC block ensures safety of property and life
  • Good acoustic properties of AAC item has made it the perfect construction material for hospitality sector.
  • It has better workability than wood and it can be milled, sawn, drilled and nailed on site.
  • Can endure seismic effect and hurricane
  • Unlike timber, it is free from rotting.