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AAC Block Plant Machinery

AAC Block Plant Machinery

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We have attained dominant position regarding manufacturing of AAC Block Plant Machinery.

  • Environment Protection :The ergonomically designed autoclaved aerated concrete machine is suitable for environment conscious customers due to its low carbon footprint. It assists in lowering around 30% environmental waste, reduce more than 50 % greenhouse radiation and around 60% integrated energy on brick surface. This machine is the perfect solution of environmental pollution caused by the generation of fly  ash in thermal power plants. This equipment uses fly ash for the production of AAC block. Its unique mechanism eliminates the necessity of burning fly ash.
  • Fire Resistant:One of the advantages of autoclaved aerated concrete is that it is non flammable and is completely inorganic. This item is ideal for fire rated work utilization purpose.
  • Energy Saving: The unique insulation properties of autoclaved aerated concrete helps to maintain ambient working condition. It helps to save the cost of supplementary insulation.