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AAC Blocks Line

AAC Blocks Line

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 AAC Blocks Line

If you want to produce autoclaved aerated concrete blocks in a more efficient manner, then we are here to help you. Our AAC Blocks Line will answer all your requirements and cater them accordingly. The production line includes AAC cutting machines, separators, autoclaves and various other accessories which are prominent in their functional and dimensional accuracy. The blocks are light, easy to process, give optimal heat insulation and can make exercise of industrial wastes. The AAC Blocks Line we provide is committed to quality and has tensile strength even in the long terms of operations.


  • Exactitude in designs and structures.
  • Catering support in accelerate production of quality blocks.
  • Machine working interface has been designed in abidance with international quality modular.
  • Available with wheel supports for allowing an effortless mobility during the operations.

Annual Capacity (300 days)


Daily Capacity

Cycle Time

No. of Autoclaves

50,000 m3/year

400 kW

166 m3/day

10 hours

2 (¢2 × 26.5)

100,000 m3/year

500 kW

333 m3/day

10 hours

4 (¢2 × 26.5)

150,000 m3/year

630 kW

500 m3/day

10 hours

6 (¢2 × 26.5)

200,000 m3/year

720 kW

666 m3/day

10 hours

8 (¢2 × 26.5)

300,000 m3/year

1,186 kW

1,000 m3/day

10 hours

8 (¢2.85 × 32.5)

*Theoretical output with suitable aggregates and materials.