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AAC Lightweight Block

AAC Lightweight Block

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AAC Lightweight Block

We offer an excellent range of AAC Lightweight Block, used to save the natural resources and protect the environment of the concrete industry. The blocks are manufactured using high quality cement, lime, aluminum powder and other aerating compounds, which provide great fire resistivity and compressive strength to the blocks. Our AAC Lightweight Block can be cut with a band saw to the desired dimensions, sizes and shapes, quickly & accurately. A large variety of sizes, from standard blocks to large reinforced panels are available with us.  

In houses and commercial buildings, Light Weight Concrete Block is used in ceiling panels, roof insulation, sound insulation and thermal insulation. To make ideal for all types of climatic and seismic zones, the blocks are manufactured using premium quality cement, fly ash and other aerating compounds. The resistance to heat flow of our Light Weight Concrete Block is twice that of a medium and heavy weight concrete and also can withstand any type of vibration and impacts.


  • Reduces the heating and cooling load in buildings
  • Have exceptional thermal insulating qualities
  • Increases life cycle of the building
Annual Capacity (300 days) Power Daily Capacity Cycle Time No. of Autoclaves
50,000 m3/year 400 kW 166 m3/day 10 hours 2 (¢2 × 26.5)
100,000 m3/year 500 kW 333 m3/day 10 hours 4 (¢2 × 26.5)
150,000 m3/year 630 kW 500 m3/day 10 hours 6 (¢2 × 26.5)
200,000 m3/year 720 kW 666 m3/day 10 hours 8 (¢2 × 26.5)
300,000 m3/year 1,186 kW 1,000 m3/day 10 hours 8 (¢2.85 × 32.5)