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AAC Lightweight Blocks Plant

AAC Lightweight Blocks Plant

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Laxmi EN-Fab is engaged in manufacturing and designing of AAC Lightweight Blocks Plant to suit various block making  requirements of customers. This specific plant is precisely designed to meet diverse need sof concrete industry without wasting natural resources. Equipped with separate research and development team, we have adopted German technology to develop this ergonomically designed AAC Lightweight Blocks Plant.

AAC is developed by blending river sand, cement, lime, aluminum powder, gangue and fly ash by adopting different methods that include cutting, casting, batching, mixing and autoclaving. Apart from its light weight nature, AAC product has outstanding compression resistance properties, high sound insulation ability, good thermal insulation efficiency and non flammable nature. AAC is produced in different sizes like large reinforced panel and sand block. Moreover, it can be easily nailed, drilled, cut, milled and sawn just like wood. The newly introduced AA is a suitable building material and is safe for the environment.

Annual Capacity (300 days)


Daily Capacity

Cycle Time

No. of Autoclaves

50,000 m3/year

400 kW

166 m3/day

10 hours

2 (¢2 × 26.5)

100,000 m3/year

500 kW

333 m3/day

10 hours

4 (¢2 × 26.5)

150,000 m3/year

630 kW

500 m3/day

10 hours

6 (¢2 × 26.5)

200,000 m3/year

720 kW

666 m3/day

10 hours

8 (¢2 × 26.5)

300,000 m3/year

1,186 kW

1,000 m3/day

10 hours

8 (¢2.85 × 32.5)

*Theoretical output with suitable aggregates and materials.


  • Large variety of sizes: AAC lightweight block production line can produce AAC block is capable of producing large reinforced panel as well as standard size block. Its low thermal conductivity level enables it to consume less thermal energy. Therefore, its thermal insulation capacity helps to minimize cooling and heating charge.
  • Extremely light weight: Its weight is around 50% less than other building construction materials.
  • High compressive strength: Its rigid construction has made it suitable to endure extreme load. Its whole surface area is utilized in structural calculation to enhance its strength.
  • High dimensional accuracy: Due to its precise dimension, AAC is convenient to fix.
  • Great acoustic insulation: Its permeable body helps to check sound.
  • High fire resistance: Equipped with approximately 4 hours of fire rating.
  • Termite resistance: This product is completely termite proof.
  • High workability: AAC material quickens construction process as it is convenient to drill, cut, nailed, sawn and milled like wood. Its good workability minimizes construction time to a great extent.