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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Plant System

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Plant System

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Highly recognized for our optimum quality products, we are providing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Plant System that meets all the particular and circumstantial requirements of the industry. Fulfilling the petitions of concrete industry, the system doesn't harm the natural resources and protects the environment. The  aerated concrete commencement is proven with precocious technology processes and are designed according to each application. The system permits complete solutions and ensures highly efficient operations, optimized processes, which confirm to final quality-products. The plant system has high compressive strength, superior thermal insulation, outstanding acoustic insulation and is tolerant to fire. The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Plant System we offer is reinforced with light-weighted equipments which produce less noise without compromising wit the consistency and speed of operation.


  • The system has a large variety of sizes, from standardized blocks to reinforced panels.
  • Save the heating and cooling costs.
  • Highly load bearing, the surface area is used in functional calculations so as to improve its strength.
  • Dimensional accuracy, easy installments.
  • High acoustic insulation, termite resistant, high workability.

Annual Capacity (300 days)


Daily Capacity

Cycle Time

No. of Autoclaves

50,000 m3/year

400 kW

166 m3/day

10 hours

2 (¢2 × 26.5)

100,000 m3/year

500 kW

333 m3/day

10 hours

4 (¢2 × 26.5)

150,000 m3/year

630 kW

500 m3/day

10 hours

6 (¢2 × 26.5)

200,000 m3/year

720 kW

666 m3/day

10 hours

8 (¢2 × 26.5)

300,000 m3/year

1,186 kW

1,000 m3/day

10 hours

8 (¢2.85 × 32.5)

*Theoretical output with suitable aggregates and materials.