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Coal Dryer

Coal Dryer

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Laxmi En-Fab is engaged in designing and manufacturing of Coal Dryer. This equipment has various advantages.

The Working Principle of Coal Dryer
Its hot gas generator has a key role in production of hot gas needed for drying work. The hot gas is generated by burning fuels like coal, naturally derived gas, oil or any waste gas accessible in the plant. The produced hot gas is entered into the fluid bed dryer located at the bottom of vibrating bed by passing through a vibrating plate. The coal is transferred from feed end to discharge end by adopting vibration technique and the conveyed coal is exposed to hot gas. This process helps to dry exposed coal. The dual effect of vibration and fluidization ensure even drying of coal.

Benefits of Drying Coal
  • Coal is cost effective
  • This drying equipment simplifies crushing, screening and transferring of coal
  • It helps to raise thermal efficiency of boiler
  • Assists in saving fuel cost