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Light Weight Bricks Plant

Light Weight Bricks Plant

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Light Weight Bricks Plant

We are offering Light Weight Bricks Plant, which offers high rigidity in the aimed production. The plant ensures high density bricks which are strong, sturdy and applicable to all types of constructions. The plant is well systematic and is equipped with light constructed equipments, which are proven in high scale of production. The plant adopts safe and protective measures for the workers as well as for the environment. Bestowed with efficient production facilities the Light Weight Bricks Plant possess all the materials and tools, which are necessary for the strenuousness of bricks.


  • Noise free, study structure, highly functional, precisely engineered.
  • Solves the problems of the separation of the finished products.
  • Static stop control assures the prevention of any kind of damage.
  • Curing and cutting technology which assures the bricks' production.

Annual Capacity (300 days)


Daily Capacity

Cycle Time

No. of Autoclaves

50,000 m3/year

400 kW

166 m3/day

10 hours

2 (2 × 26.5)

100,000 m3/year

500 kW

333 m3/day

10 hours

4 (2 × 26.5)

150,000 m3/year

630 kW

500 m3/day

10 hours

6 (2 × 26.5)

200,000 m3/year

720 kW

666 m3/day

10 hours

8 (2 × 26.5)

300,000 m3/year

1,186 kW

1,000 m3/day

10 hours

8 (2.85 × 32.5)

*Theoretical output with suitable aggregates and materials.