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Lump Crusher

Lump Crusher

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Lump Crusher

In the industries of mining and fertilizer manufacturing, our Lump Crushers are used for the breakage of agglomerates or large lumps into useful forming sand. These crushers can process lumps from 2 to 50 tons per hour. One of the sharp advantages of these crushers are that these automatically excerpt and discharge the wastes and materials which cannot be crushed. Made with top-quality cast iron and stainless steel, the Lump Crushers are highly functional and reduce the downtime. Recognized for their longevity, reliability and high quality features these crushers are largely used in the chemical and fertilizer industry, to loosen the raw materials and make them serviceable.


  • Counter-rotating double shafts for more prominent functions.
  • Abrasion-resistant blades for better protection, V-belt drives.
  • Air purge shaft seals, elective sanitary designs, rotating and shifting blades, which are easily replaceable.
  • Direct coupled drives and outboard bearings.