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Pigment Classifier

Pigment Classifier

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The working system of Pigment Classifier. Involves separation of dry pigment particles as per their mass and size. This product is useful for modification of particle size distribution and to eliminate fine fraction of pigment material or for creating grades of material.

As part of its classification system, raw materials are poured into its center feed pipe which later trickles down on the rotating distributor plate located at the bottom. Its whizzer blades helps to condense the large particles on the surface of its upper inner cone. The gravity enables the material to flow towards the lower inner core and then transfers it to the tailing spout located at the bottom. The offered Pigment Classifier is available in seven models with different motor capacity and production rate. 



Production KG./HR


2 HP

10 to 20 KG. 325 Mash


5 HP

60 to 100 KG. 325 Mash


7.5 HP

130 to 200 KG. 325 Mash


10 HP

200 to 250 KG. 325 Mash


15 HP

400 to 500 KG. 325 Mash


25 HP

750 to 900 KG. 325 Mash


40 HP

   2000 to 2500 KG.