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Roll Compactor

Roll Compactor

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Roll Compactor

The Roll Compactors are specifically utilized where the insufficient solubility, dust or segregation difficulty come about. These compactors have two counter rotating rolls, which forces and press the raw materials into flakes. After this the grain is reduced to its desired size. The compactors we offer are available in flameproof, water jacketed and plain models. Made with top quality manganese alloy steels, the Roll Compactors we provide are the heavy duty machines having rolls with alloy steel hammers, safety tie bars and 2 sets of impactor plates with spring loaded. The heavy flywheels of these products break the material with higher force.


  • Drives are provided with adaptable & adjustable speed.
  • AC variable frequency drives are integrated for rollers.
  • Safety slipping clutches are placed between the feed screws and gearboxes.
  • By driving the heavy flywheels, the strength and break can be easily generated.