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Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer

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Our company is the preferred option among clients for Rotary Dryer. This is considered as the cost effective industrial dryer widely used to reduce or minimize the moisture content in the liquid material. The basic principle on which the dryer works is that is brings the material into direct contact with a heated gas. We make sure to use certified quality of rotating cylindrical tubes in the Rotary Dryer. This type of dryer is suitable for mineral processing, manufacturing industries, chemical processing and petrochemical & pharmaceutical industries.


  • Design permits highest possible drying temperatures
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Flexibility in fuels used
  • Further Details

Model : (Continue Drying Processes 5000 tons / Kg / hour)

  • 12" X 20 Foot to 6 feat X 50 Foot and above  { 5 Kg  to 10 tons Capacity / Continue Ball Mill }
  • Direct Gear Drive , Counter Gear for load reduction

Contraction :

  • MS + MS / SS Coating + SS + Zeketed

Ideal For :

  • Pigment Colors - Minerals & Ores - Chemicals Technical Products Dyestuffs - Fertilizer - Insecticides - Pesticide
  • Extra  Material Handling Screw for loading & Unloading.HP required 2 HP 1440 Electric Motor 2 Nos.