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Sand Grinding Ball Mill

Sand Grinding Ball Mill

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The Sand Grinding Ball Mill is a key gear for pounding materials, generally utilized as a part of powder-production creation line, for example, concrete, silicate sand, new-sort building material, unmanageable material, compost, mineral dressing of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, glass pottery, and so forth. Ball plant can granulate different metals and materials with dry sort or wet sort. There are two sorts of ball factories, grate sort and overfall sort because of various methods for releasing material.

The Sand Grinding Ball Mill is made by bolstering part, releasing part, turning part and driving part (reducer, little driving apparatus, electric engine and electric control). The plume shaft receives cast steel part and the liner is separable. The turning gearwheel embraces throwing hobbing process and the drum is outfitted with wear-safe liner, which has great wear-resistance. The machine is with steady and solid working condition.

Additionally, as indicated by various materials and releasing techniques, there are dry ball plants and wet ball factories for option.